Mamie Redd

My Grandmother Redd was an incredibly tender-hearted, sweet, and motherly woman who came from a very humble farm background in Mathiston, MS where she was born Mamie Lou Booth. She doggedly pursued an education despite illnesses that side-lined her and went on to do much mission work and college on her own at a time when such independence from a woman was still suspect. She eventually married my grandfather who was a preacher (and army chaplain for a bit) and moved from church to mission field with him many times over the years. For us grandchildren, however, her house was always a country home and she would teach us about planting and picking vegetables, raising chickens, cooking a big meal, and other wonders of Southern life. She would also sit with me at the piano teaching me to play and encouraging me to sing. After my grandfather passed away and her health declined, she came to live with my family, staying in a little trailer behind where she would sit with her adored photos and journals telling all who would listen of the wonderful life she had led and her fervent faith in Christ. 

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