French Language Resources

In addition anthropology, my other academic interest has been French language and literature.  I have had the chance to study the language both in an academic setting as well as overseas. Now, I also am able to use French in my everyday work life as I interact and interpret for Francophone individuals from a variety of countries: Congo, Togo, Haiti, Djibouti, etc. Below are a few resources and sites of interest related to more advanced French research for those already familiar with the language.

Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique ( - This site hosted by the Office quebecois de la languge francaise offers immediate translation of many technical and legal French/English terms with explanations and examples.  Very useful for translating documents.

Numilog - Citations ( - This section of the French ebookseller's site contains links to a number of quotations for French authors and poets.

Wikepdia - Les Rougon-Macquart ( - A summary of the various novels in the Rougon-Macquart series by Emile Zola, one of my favorites.  It's a study of several generations of two intertwining families.

More to come soon...

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