From Burma to Atlanta:

Photos of resettlement of refugee families from Burma

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Here you see a new Karen Burmese family as they arrive to Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta at almost midnight. Like all refugees, they come somewhat fearful of the unknown and are relieved to have someone who knows their names waiting for them at the airport. One of the initial challenges refugees face as they arrive is adjusting to the sudden fast pace of a major American airport. The first ride on the terminal train is scary to some refugees. This Karen Burmese family is obviously taking everything is stride. After meeting them at the airport, we take the refugees to their new homes. For this Karen Burmese family of eight, it is the first time they have ever been in a modern apartment. All the possessions they had at arrival are there in the two bags in front of us. We provide a meal for families upon their arrival. We usually try to get family or community members to prepare familiar dishes for the new arrivals as you see here. This family was quite hungry after a full day of airport travel following their arrival in L.A. The Chin Burmese often had a bit more access to resources in Malaysia than did the Karen and Karenni in Thailand. This even shows in the baggage they bring--actual luggage as opposed to government-issued canvas bags. Packing up the bags for a newly arrived Karenni family in the World Relief van.