From Burma to Atlanta:

Photos of resettlement of refugee families from Burma

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As with all refugee families, it is important to provide an orientation to an American kitchen including important points about health and safety. This is especially true for people from rural areas like the Karen who may have never seen many of these modern conveniences. Coming from a more modernized area of Burma and Malaysia, these Chin refugees are familiar with most aspects of their new apartment behind. Still, after years of living under plastic sheets in the jungles of Malaysia as they hid from corrupt police forces, understanding the relative security of American homes and community is an adjustment. As more refugees arrive, their family members who have already come are able to offer help. This Karen Burmese man shows his sister's family all about the use of their new kitchen. Here a Chin refugee learns about buying groceries at an American style supermarket---quite different from the fresh open-air markets he is used to. Here we make sure to teach a Burmese Muslim family about safety and the use of the door lock for their first night in America. A Burmese Hindu family sees some American money for the first time.