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Chin Burmese Festivals






These are images from a Chin Community Festival and the 62nd Chin National Day in which Chin Burmese of Atlanta
showed off the traditional music, dance, and costumes of the multiple ethnic groups that make up their community. Many of the dances recall the hunter-warrior tradition of the Chin hill tribes.

Check out video of the festivals on youtube
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Here some elaborately dressed Falam Chin ladies perform a bamboo dance, stepping in and out of the sticks as they are moved in time to the music. This Matupi Chin man put on a wild whirling hunting dance, leaping about the floor and brandishing his knife. These Hakha Chin in traditional dress ready for a group dance. A funny aspect of the Zotung dance is a man dressed as a woman with pipe and string in hand making jokes and teasing the crowd. These Zo Chin dance around in a circle as they blow echoing notes on bone whistles to a rhythm beat on a cow horn. The Zotung Chin have a traditional tiger hunt dance shown here. It was once performed following the return of real hunters but now with stuffed tiger in tow. This version of the comic Zotung animal dance centers around a feisty "water buffalo". A more modernized dance of the Falam Chin. Each cultural event ends with a modern fashion show showing off traditional outfits and some new uses of old patterns. This warrior Matupi dance involves men "dueling" with shields. To the rhythm of a drum, the Zo community dances as a "swordsman" showcases his dance step before the leader.