From Burma to Atlanta:

Photos of resettlement of refugee families from Burma

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As they teach me about their home, I enjoy the chance to share a bit of Atlanta
with my friends from Burma as well. Here are photos from some outings


It's been fun to go with folks to movies. One of my Chin friends was excited at his first visit to a local multiplex The chance to visit downtown Atlanta and Centennial Park is always fun. Some friends and I have a fun night out in the Centennial Park under the Christmas lights of the city. After a long while in the city suburbs, these Karen guys enjoyed the chance to be back in a mountain region like they had spent most of their lives in. They laughed at how out of shape for climbing up trails that they had become! Several of the young Karen and Chin from church joined at our pastor's house for a night of snacks and games; they all picked up dominoes and spoons very quickly. Shoppings sprees at Wal-Mart with families like the Karenni seen here are a fun and exciting event for the refugees even if the array of choices are a bit overwhelming as well.